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World Cup fever over for confectionery companies

26 June 2014

England's premature exit from the 2014 World Cup will no doubt have a negative effect on UK confectionery sales. 

Prior to England’s first match against Italy, World Cup fever stuck the UK; the weather was good and consumers spoiled themselves with beer, wine and confectionery galore. Retailers have been predicting big things - forecasting huge boosts to sales with every England kick-off.

However, the England team outdid themselves and failed to win a single game, being knocked out of the World Cup at the group stages for the first time since 1958. The mood across many consumer groups has mellowed with consumers a lot less likely to impulsively purchase mass amounts of unnecessary treats and indulgences. 

So what does this mean for UK confectionery?

A 2014 Canadean report shows that UK confectionery consumption is strongly influenced by consumers looking to indulge (39.8% of consumption), consumers seeking personal space and time (25.6%) and those searching for fun and enjoyment from their consumption (16.6%). If the mood is high among consumers, confectionery consumption will increase.

According to Kirsty Nolan, Canadean analyst: “Confectionery is inherently a treating food category, one in which consumers indulge, both to create moments of personal space and time, and to share fun times with friends and family. The joyous mood that accompanies the World Cup means consumers splash out on the more luxurious groceries, particularly confectionery.”

Confectionery companies embraced this, releasing World Cup special editions and promotions: Brazilian World Cup M&Ms, Maoam Tropical Edition Pinballs and Mars ran a promotional competition giving out England shirts to the winners. However, the team’s failure to progress in the World Cup had a dramatically negative effect on the shopping mood. Kirsty adds, “I don’t know who’s more disappointed: Roy Hodgson or convenience store owners. Less celebratory gatherings and fewer upbeat shopping trips will ultimately mean that the confectionery category witnesses lower than hoped-for sales for the 2014 summer season.”

World Cup Confectionery


These findings are based on the new Canadean report: Consumer Trends Analysis: 'Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the UK Confectionery Market.'

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