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Women over 45 want personalised skincare products

24 July 2014

In the saturated 45+ cosmetics market, women have difficulties finding tailored skincare products among the vast selection of anti-aging cosmetics. Instead of introducing just another magic cure for wrinkles, brands should offer unique and personalised shopping experiences.

Canadean consumer data found that over a fifth of women aged 45+ are on the lookout for individualised and customised skincare products. However, with the huge amount of different anti-aging creams, lotions and tonics, women are having a difficult time choosing the right product for their skin type. Instead they prefer to stick to a simpler regime, as they feel that the choice among the vast selection is time-consuming and confusing. Joanne Hardman, analyst at Canadean, says: “Women develop their skin care routine in their 20’s and stick with it. However, skin changes over the years, meaning skin care regimes should be adapted along the way.” Canadean sees a great potential for brands which offer women over 45 a personalised shopping experience, where they can learn more about different skin care products and effective regimes for their skin types. Hardman believes that brands that can give something unique to their customers will be successful: “There is a real growth opportunity for brands which offer a fine, tailored experience to women over 45, as they are creating brand loyalty among their customers.” 

NIVEA’s campaign targets women between 40 and 60

NIVEA’s ‘Face Facts Boutique’ has created a new campaign for women between the age of 40 and 60 which allows them to learn more about the product range and experience the products for themselves through multi-sensory sampling stations. A NIVEA skin expert will provide free skin consultations using a NIVEA skin technology to analyse women’s skin, advise on the best skincare routines and answer any questions related to aging skin. The ‘Face Facts Boutique’ will visit some of the largest shopping centres in the UK. Hardman predicts that “it won't take long before other cosmetics brands are tapping into NIVEA’s idea.”


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Editor’s notes

Nivea Skin Care

NIVEA is taking its 'Cellular Anti-Age' range on the road, using an experimental campaign to attract women between 40 and 60 in shopping centres around the UK. 

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