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The UK is a Nation of Worriers

19 July 2013

People in the UK are more worried about their living environment compared to three years ago. This was the result of a survey of 2,000 adults conducted by Canadean Custom Solutions. The survey found that fears about the economy are highest among young adults, while the older generation is more worried about wider societal issues such as terrorism and invasion of privacy.

Compared to three years ago, people are now more likely to say they are more worried about the state of the economy (38%). This is followed by the state of their own health (28%), invasion of privacy (28%), identity theft (27%) and terrorism (25%). The recent horse meat scandal has also raised fears about food safety, with 19% now saying they are more worried about this.

When it comes to types of fears there are noticeable differences between the generations. 43% of the 18-24 year olds say that they are concerned about the “state of the economy” and 42% of the same age group say they are worried of “not having enough money to pay the bills”. In comparison, the older generation is more concerned about wider societal issues such as terrorism and privacy being compromised. Of those aged 55+, 29% fear the thread of “terrorism”, 29% fear “identity theft” and 31% are concerned about “invasion of privacy”.

According to Nancy Sharra, Research Manager at Canadean Custom Solutions, recent news stories in the media continue to intensify worries such as the thread of a triple-drip recession and terrorism. “Recent news on events such as terrorism attacks in the UK, spying and invasion of privacy online, and of course ongoing concerns about the economy are resonating with consumers.”

Sharra concludes “whilst some might believe that consumers are becoming more sceptical about the news and believing the media to sensationalise issues, these results show that this is clearly not the case”.


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