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The ‘Big Night In’ in Poland: Dining in on a budget with family and friends

07 May 2015

A new Canadean survey shows that Polish consumers enjoy eating out, but are feeling financially challenged. Thus, many consumers opt for the ‘Big Night In’ to socialise with family and friends instead of going out – a trend that looks like a win-win situation for retailers and manufacturers alike. 

Much like consumers across the globe, Polish consumers like to indulge in the luxury of eating out. In fact, Canadean’s 2015 global attitude and behaviour survey reveals that many Polish consumers eat out of the home more than once a week. Especially the young like to dine out, with 44% of 18-24 year olds and 40% 25-34 year olds doing so more than once a week. In comparison, only 30% of 35-44 year olds are eating out at least once a week, and even fewer 45-54 year olds at just 26%. 

The survey also shows that more than half (56%) plan to spend more time socialising with friends over the next year. With respondents who have family, this number rises to seven out of ten. However, 36% of survey participants also say they are not confident in their financial wellbeing over the next twelve months. According to Kirsty Nolan, analyst with Canadean, this is a growing opportunity for FMCG companies: “Polish consumers can be targeted with the ‘Big Night In’ by providing an indulgent experience they can enjoy with family and friends at home without the expenses of dining out.”

Targeting social gatherings with fun and nostalgic sharing 

Food and beverage manufacturers need to offer products that encourage social gatherings. For instance, experimental and fun prepared meals for multiple people and traditional hands-on sharing meals such as large pizzas are sure to be a hit with Polish consumers. Similarly, indulgent snacks and treats such as share bags of potato chips and confectionery will be popular. Such products encourage sharing and togetherness, but also keep washing and cleaning to a minimum.

According to Canadean, 65% of Polish consumers find food that reminds them of their childhood and simpler times appealing. Nostalgic treats will prove popular among older generations who look to share their enjoyment with the family’s younger members. Nolan says: “Positioning is everything in this market. Products for social occasions should be arranged alongside each other on the shelf. Product pairing, promotional meal-deals and shelf displays will all be influential in encouraging consumers to trade their dining out for a big night in.”  


Friends Sharing Pizza

Sharing meals such as large pizzas are sure to be a hit with Polish consumers.



All numbers used in this text are based on Canadean survey of 2,000 Poland based adults.

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