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Social Media Recommendations Now More Popular than Face-to-Face

27 June 2013

Consumers like to share information with the wider community, but it seems more of us are choosing to do so online instead of in the real world. This was the finding of a survey of 2,000 adults conducted by Canadean Custom Solutions. 54% of respondents to the survey said it is important to share information about new things that excite them and 30% said they have done this more regularly in the last six months. However when it comes to communicating these experiences, online is apparently better than actual conversations with others. Only 29% of consumers say that it is important spending time interacting with neighbours and the wider community.

Although consumers still speak face-to-face with family and friends it shows that when it comes to a wider audience, social media is the preferred format. It also shows that regularly talking to neighbours is a thing of the past. Michael Hughes, Research Manager at Canadean Consumer states “Social media sites allow consumers to interact with likeminded others on specific sites, and in turn begin to follow trusted brand ambassadors for advice and inspiration – even if they have never actually met the person”.

Independent businesses miss out

Hughes concludes “however, whilst major brands may benefit from people turning to social media to share tips and advice, small independent shops will miss out – with shoppers failing to pass on information on any good deals they see on the local high street to their neighbours who also use such stores”.

The results of the survey also revealed that 75% of consumers say that they use social media websites like Facebook to communicate with others, with 17% of adults saying they have increased the amount of time they spend on such websites over the last six months.

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