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Social media greatly influencing appearance consciousness

02 November 2012

  • UK consumers worry about what their peers think of their appearance on social media sites
  • 25-34 year olds are the most paranoid about their appearances

London, [2nd November 2012] – Research into the effect that social media has on appearance consciousness reveals that the internet now has a significant bearing on how we feel about ourselves, according to Canadean Consumer. A recent survey shows that half of younger adults (and a third of all social media users) in the UK agree that it has made them more self-conscious about how others – including those at home and at work – perceive their appearance.

A survey of 2,000 people in the UK shows that 33.3% agree they are more conscious about how their friends and family view their appearance as a result of social networking. This peer group is slightly more important to consumers than partners (31.7%) and people from the workplace (31.3%).

Females are noticeably more worried than their male counterparts about how their friends and family judge their appearance, whereas males are more concerned than females about what it makes their partner think about them.

Strikingly, worry is significantly higher among younger adults. 25-34 year olds are the most appearance conscious relating to all three peer groups. Indeed, more than half (54.7%) of them agree they are now more conscious of how their appearance is perceived on social media sites by their colleagues or bosses. By comparison, this troubles only 12.3% of those aged 55 or above.

The results showed that those registered to MySpace were the most self-conscious, while those on Facebook – by far the most popular site – were consistent with the overall average. Intriguingly, consciousness was higher among Twitter users – particularly regarding colleagues or employers (41.1%).

According to Mark Whalley, Lead Consultant at Canadean Consumer, this reflects the holistic nature of consumers’ self-assessment: “Appearance is now viewed as being about what you say as well as how you look. The message that beauty is about more than looks is one that is getting through. We care about every aspect of ourselves that we put in the public domain, and the Twitter results show that it’s more than just pictures we worry about.”

social media greatly influencing appearance consciousness

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