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Revitalising Juice - Join Canadean at the World Juice Day

30 April 2014

The past five years has been particularly turbulent for the juice and nectars industry, experiencing dramatic fluctuations in juice concentrate prices, poor weather conditions and many consumers down-trading from juice and nectars products to still drinks. However, a refreshing new global uplift is expected to return to the industry as manufacturers focus on flavour innovation, investing further in market the nutritious and natural attributes of juice as well as an expected improvement in market conditions. 

Canadean estimates that by 2019, global per capita consumption of juice and nectars will have increased by 50cl to just over six litres per annum. This positive development is primarily driven by emerging economies in MENA, Latin America and Asia as a growing middle class sees demand for higher quality, healthier beverages rise.

New product development is also an important driver which has led to more exciting growth prospects for juice and nectars. Manufacturers have been placed under increasing pressure to enhance performance of the categories during difficult trading times and as a result, there has been an increase in multi-flavour mixes. New flavour combinations including apple/peach/mango and strawberry/banana/vegetable have proven popular, particularly numerous vegetable flavours including rhubarb, carrot and pumpkin. An uptrend in cold-pressed juices sold via modern retail channels is also notable; such products better retain the naturally-occurring nutrients found in fruit and vegetables as a result of the specific juice extraction process.

In markets such as France, Peru, Vietnam and China there has been a reported rise in consumers demanding wholesome, unprocessed beverages, despite the higher unit price for increased quality. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of artificial sugar content used within beverages, and juices are considered a more natural offering. 


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Join the World Juice Day


MEYED (The Turkish Fruit Juice Industry Association) invites the global juice industry to discuss strategies for raising awareness of the functional benefits of juice and how to increase fruit juice consumption. The World Juice Day will take place in Istanbul on the 29th May 2014. 

The summit promises an extensive and informative programme covering thought-provoking issues across all elements of the consumer value chain, from production, market potential and investment, to health issues and the future of functional juice. With experienced speakers from Canadean, MEYED, AIJN, Doehler, Tetra Pak, Wild, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and many more, World Juice Day is the must-attend annual event for all fruit juice-related organisations.

Representative organisations, such as the International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers (IFU), European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN), Independent Industrial Self-Control platform (SGF) and the European Quality Control System (EQCS) continue to support and back the objectives of World Juice Day. For more information, please visit The World Juice Day 




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