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Protein: Turning from a fad to a trend

19 January 2015

A new Canadean report finds that half of UK consumers are now aware of the health benefits of protein, presenting an expanding opportunity for protein enriched food and drinks.

A survey in the report shows that 49% of UK consumers are now "very aware" of the health benefits of protein. Almost a fifth of all respondents (16%) are upping their consumption by seeking out groceries that are high in protein. Moreover, almost one out of ten consumers (8%) is using protein supplements. However, the survey also finds that 68% of supplement users would substitute their protein shakes for alternative protein sources such as fortified food and drink products. Kirsty Nolan, analyst at Canadean, says: “These results indicate that ingredients and food manufacturers have successfully turned the demand for protein from a short-term fad into a long-term, sustainable trend.”

Taste and protein go hand in hand

The market has already witnessed launches of several interesting protein products. Wheyhey is a brand of protein ice cream that is made with natural ingredients and contains no sugar. Nolan says: “The product successfully meets consumer demand for more tasty products, while upping their protein intake at the same time.” CocoPro’s ‘High Protein Coconut Water’ combines 20 grams of whey protein per 330ml serving with the nutritional properties of coconut water. “Aimed at active young adults, CocoPro can be consumed after exercise, offering ready-to-drink convenience and aiding in muscle recovery,” says Nolan.

Ingredients manufacturer IDI is one of the leading innovators in this trend with the recent launch of Promilk 600A, an ingredient made of 100% milk protein. Promilk offers food manufacturers a very different milky flavour that is not currently present in alternative protein sources. According to Nolan, "the continued challenge for manufacturers is to effectively use the new protein ingredients available on the market to create convenient and tasty protein enriched food and drinks for consumers who are increasingly seeking a variety of new, protein-rich offerings."


Two-thirds (68%) of supplement users would substitute their protein shakes for alternative protein sources such as fortified food and drink products.



All numbers used in this text are based on the Canadean report 'Identifying the next new & novel ingredients to shape new product development in the Food & Soft Drinks industries,' published in January 2015.

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