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Peruvians looking to combat obesity issues

14 April 2015

A Canadean survey shows that nine out of ten Peruvians want to improve their waistline over the next 12 months, while almost half plan to eat smaller portion sizes. However, consumers in Peru are still struggling to maintain a healthy diet, posing a challenge to food and beverage manufacturers.

Canadean’s most recent global consumer survey finds that 60% of Peruvians are still concerned about obesity issues. Joanne Hardman, analyst at Canadean, says: “Due to the rise in urbanisation with over 10 million living in the capital alone, consumers are working better-paid, but also more stressful jobs. This means disposable income is increasing and more money is spent on unhealthy foods and treats to curb feelings of stress and the pressures from everyday life."

Nine out of ten consumers plan to improve their waistline

According to the survey, 91% of consumers in Peru say they are planning to improve their waistline over the next twelve months and 47% plan to eat smaller portion sizes in an attempt to lose weight. However, the research also shows that, due to family and work pressures, 54% are struggling to maintain a healthy diet and to refrain from indulgent treats on a regular basis. “Consumers in Peru assume eating well means cutting out indulgent offerings altogether, eating less regularly and compromising taste for healthier options. Thus the challenge lies not in educating consumers about obesity related illnesses, but rather in encouraging them to adapt their diets to include more healthy ingredients,” says Hardman.

Healthier formulations without compromising on taste

Manufacturers need to promote a wide variety of products that have a healthier formulation, but look, feel and smell identical to their unhealthy counterparts. Hardman says: “Consumers will automatically perceive a product with a ‘light’ label as compromising on taste. Manufactures can overcome this problem by combining ingredients such as protein and fibre with products inherently associated as unhealthy, making healthy eating a more fun and enjoyable experience.” However, the majority of consumers will find it hard to make complete changes to their eating regimes. Therefore, manufactures should encourage gradual changes to enable Peruvians to stick to healthy eating practices.


Peru Obesity

Six out of ten Peruvians are concerned about obesity issues.



All numbers used in this text are based on a Canadean survey of 1,000 Peru-based adults.

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