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Personal health and nutrition are key trends in UK dairy market

02 April 2014


According to a new Canadean report, more consumers are choosing products tailored to their personal dietary requirements, such as lactose intolerance dairy and immunity boosts. The ageing UK population are influential as they increasingly seek dairy products which meet such specific health needs.

Consumers seeking products that meet their individual needs, like extra calcium for bone health, account for over £2.1 billion of dairy consumption in the UK, motivating 12.1% of dairy consumption by volume in 2012.

Sam Allen, analyst at Canadean states, ‘Manufacturers should highlight the nutritional and functional benefits of dairy as a healthier on-the-go snack than confectionery and savoury snack options, with products packaged for ease and convenience, particularly for ageing consumers.’

Diverse formulations of new products such as those offering immunity boosts, digestive aides, cholesterol lowering and fat reduction will play a key role in the growth of UK dairy as attitudes to health and diet continue to evolve. This nutritional individualism is driven not only by consumers’ health needs, but also their personal dietary choices, such as choosing to avoid lactose. Consumers are increasingly buying personalised products to suit their changing lifestyles.

As life expectancy increases, the number of people aged 55 and over in the UK is rapidly on the rise. Older consumers account for 30% of the number of occasions during which people eat dairy in the UK, with an average of 20.8 each per week in 2012. This is a notable increase from those aged 45-54, who average just 18.6 consumption occasions weekly, reflecting rising concerns among consumers about health and wellbeing into later life.

Products such as probiotic milk and yoghurt drinks, which maintain digestive health and contain calcium to avoid conditions such as osteoporosis, can be tailored to meet the health needs of older consumers. Manufacturers should promote these products as enabling active lifestyles rather than focusing on older consumers’ vulnerabilities.

Lack of free time is a factor which motivates 8.4% of overall dairy consumption in the UK, showing a significant desire among consumers for products which cater to their increasingly busy lifestyles.

Packaging that is easily carried, comes in snack-size portions, and keeps the product cooler for longer, will see an increase in growth. A lack of free time and the desire to fit more social activities into the day will drive health conscious people towards dairy, as they seek to incorporate it into their diets on-the-go rather than during traditional mealtimes and home-based consumption.



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Weetabix Ltd. has unveiled a new range of liquid breakfast, suitable for on-the-go consumption.


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