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Nuts and seeds on the rise in Italy

07 July 2014

In the Italian savoury snacks market, nuts and seeds is the second largest category and is set to reach 27.4 million kg by 2018 worth $244m, a new report by Canadean says. Italian consumers choose savoury snacks to accompany their moments of relaxation, with  nuts and seeds being their top choice.

The indulgent taste, convenient nature and nutritious content make nuts and seeds a popular snacking option. Their taste can be complemented with flavourings and coatings to enhance personal experience. According to Veronika Zhupanova, Analyst at Canadean: “To maximise their moments of “me-time”, consumers will look for decadent flavours, such as cashew with chilli or pistachio with pomegranate. However, basic flavours will remain on demand, granting consumers an option to return to their comfort zone.” Moreover, as Italian consumers eat nuts and seeds to accompany their personal time, the demand for packaging, suitable for on-the-go consumption, will rise. Their high density means manufacturers should put higher focus on making single-serve packs smaller and hence more convenient for carrying.

Nutritional value remains important

Nuts and seeds benefit not only from the image of being an indulgent treat, but also a healthier snacking option compared to its competitors such as potato crisps or processed snacks. Additionally, over 20% of nuts and seeds consumption in Italy is motivated by age-related needs, such as high protein to support muscle mass, calcium for bone health for those aged 0-15 and over 55, and vitamin E for anti-aging effects for middle-aged consumers. “Manufacturers should take advantage of the nutritious content of nuts and seeds and offer a range of products of age-aligned benefits, varied by the type of nut”, Zhupanova adds.



Editor’s notes

The findings are based on the new Canadean report: ‘Consumer Trends Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the Italian Savory Snacks Market.

Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds are the leading choice among Italian consumers as this product category is considered as a healthy snacking option, but nevertheless indulgent. 

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