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Natural ingredients and craft production are key to Russia’s oral care market

30 June 2015

According to a new survey by Canadean, nine out of ten Russians find it important to have healthy teeth and gums. However, they rarely have an emotional connection to their choice of toothpaste or mouthwash and often pick certain products out of habit or due to better prices. Veronika Zhupanova, analyst at Canadean, says: “To catch the consumer’s eye, new launches should promote the artisanal traits of the product and imply higher quality. This can be achieved by using authentic recipes and ingredients that will reflect positively on consumers’ oral health.”

Botanical, natural and organic ingredients influence purchasing decision

When asked about the importance of product attributes when buying personal care items, botanical, natural and organic ingredients were among the most influential product traits. Over two thirds of Russians find botanical, as well as natural and organic ingredients important (68% and 67%, respectively). To capitalise on this trend, manufacturers should turn to traditional medical ingredients that have been known and respected by generations.

Zhupanova says: “Ingredients such as galipot and calendula are known for their healing properties. Brands should use trendy ingredients, such as superfoods, a high concentration of vitamins or charcoal – which is becoming popular for its absorbing properties and natural origin.” This is especially applicable to smaller brands, which consumers often perceive as more trustworthy, artisanal and crafty.

For example, manufacturer SPLAT rolled out Siberry (Siberian Berries) toothpaste. The product features extracts of superfood berries such as juniper, sea-buckthorn and cranberries. Additionally, the toothpaste claims to contain Olaflyur, an organic form of fluoride, adding a more personalised and craft touch to the product. “This toothpaste appeals to consumers who are interested in smaller and more artisanal brands that offer a holistic approach to health and beauty,” adds Zhupanova.


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Nine out of ten Russians find it important to have healthy teeth and gums.



All numbers used in this text are based on a Canadean survey of 2,000 Russia based consumers. 

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