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Ingredient of the month – FruiteX B

Ingredient of the month – FruiteX B, 14 May 2013

Bone health is one of the main areas that have relevance for health promoting foods innovations. An issue that is of paramount importance to support through early and long term nutritional strategies on order to prevent postmenopausal and age-related bone loss. For some vitamins and minerals an important role in bone metabolism is well-known. These are Calcium, vitamin D (supporting bone mineral density), Magnesium (supporting bone strength, preservation, and remodelling), Fluorine (bone formation), and Vitamin K (activation of osteocalcin). Less know is the element Boron, which is especially effective in case of vitamin D, magnesium, and potassium deficiency and has been considered essential for maintenance of healthy levels of vitamin D, magnesium, oestrogen, testosterone and hormone DHEA, which all collaborate in increasing bone mineral density. The RDA of boron has not been established, but no toxicity has been identified and excess boron is rapidly excreted in the urine.

As a representative for this ingredient category Canadean Ingredients this month presents fructoborate. An ingredient, which is water soluble, making it suitable for various product applications such as soft drinks, confectionery, cereals and supplements. This ingredient is possible to include in high magnesium containing foods like snack foods containing chocolate and/or nuts. . It has been demonstrated that fructoborate is bioavailable and safe.

A commercial version is available from US company Futureceuticals marketing a branded ingredient named FruiteX B®, which is Calcium fructoborate type derived from fruits.

Food-form boron is chelated to carbohydrates such as fructose and neutralized with calcium obtaining calcium fructoborate as preferred used form in the industry. A small two week placebo controlled study supplemented fructoborate twice a day to humans diagnosed with minor osteoarthritis conditions demonstrated significant benefits suggesting a favourable prognosis on inflammation conditions such as osteoarthritis. Menopausal and post-menopausal women are in general considered as higher risk population which could greatly benefit from additional calcium intake. Studies on human intakes of dose range of 1-7 mg calcium fructoborate exhibited a good anti-inflammatory activity, and it seemed to have negligible adverse effect on health. VDF FutureCeuticals’ manufacturer installations are located in US and Europe. This ingredient is available for commercial sale and licensing.

VDF FutureCeuticals holds patents and trademarks for the production, sale, advertisement and application of all aspects of FruiteX-B®. Find more on the Ingredient Profile System.

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