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Indulgence is everything for German confectionery consumers

27 May 2014

When it comes to their choices of confectionery, German consumers prioritise indulgence above all else, putting aside health concerns as they enjoy their favourite treats. 

Chocolate is the go-to product for tasty treating 

A new report from Canadean reveals that a desire for indulgence motivates almost 55% of confectionery consumption in Germany. Consumers seek to reward themselves with everyday treat products and the most decadent taste experiences. Chocolate is the go-to category for tasty treating in Germany, with consumers seeking products that are high in sugar and creaminess. Indeed, when indulging themselves, consumers forget about health concerns and prefer full-flavour options that offer escapism and reward.

German consumers have little interest in healthier confectionery

Health concerns have a low impact on choices of confectionery in Germany, despite rising obesity levels and ongoing media commentary around healthy eating choices. This is largely due to a fear that healthier options could involve a sacrifice in taste, a trade-off that consumers are unwilling to make. Those who are overly concerned about the negative health effects of high-sugar products limit their consumption to occasional treating, still opting for the most decadent products when they do indulge.

Premium and luxury products will offer maximum indulgence to consumers

As economic recovery in Germany causes disposable incomes to rise, consumers can be encouraged to treat themselves with the most decadent premium products. Consumers will put taste experience first, meaning that products which offer novel flavours and textures will be particularly successful. Products with special flavouring will convince consumers that they are getting something worth paying extra for.

According to Catherine O’Connor, Senior Analyst at Canadean, “Flavours should offer bold and unexpected combinations of sweet and savoury, such as the bite of wasabi or the earthiness of green tea. Manufacturers should also use packaging to enhance the consumption experience, allowing consumers to turn the unwrapping of products into a decadent ritual in itself.”


German Confectionery Small

Germans want to indulge when they treat themselves to confectionery - a special favourite is creamy chocolate.   


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Editor’s notes

This information is based on findings from the Canadean report: 'Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the German Confectionery Market.' 

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