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Indian men seek fragrances to succeed in career

19 August 2014

At present, men are consuming more fragrances than women in India, illustrating a strong male interest in the scents market. This growing trend will present fragrances manufacturers with prime opportunities for targeting Indian men, who seek out masculine fragrances to aid their professional image. As a result, Canadean data forecasts the fragrances market in India to grow at a CAGR of 26.0% from 2013 to 2018.

Image consciousness

Indian men are becoming conscious about their image which can be partially attributed to the building pressure to succeed in the workplace. Rapid urbanisation, as men have flocked to the major cities in search of higher paid work, has led to continual pressure and competition in office environments. Kirsty Nolan, analyst at Canadean comments: “Men in this scenario want professional and sophisticated fragrances that complement their workplace image, believing that this will help aid their career success."

Price sensitivity

Men in India are also conscious about the price, meaning that manufacturers and retailers need to be careful in the positioning of their fragrances. According to Nolan: “There is a willingness to pay for quality across India as 22% of fragrances consumption is motivated by this need; however this is followed by 20% of consumption motivated by the search for better value. Fragrance companies need to ensure that they are providing men with an affordable, high quality, daily wear that can be incorporated into the average man’s grooming routine.”

Western influence

It was traditionally cultural for Indian men and women to use the same, unisex fragrances with scents which, in the west, would be exclusively associated with women. Rural men and those in smaller towns are still using these fragrances. As urbanisation increases and a fascination with western culture spreads beyond the cities, men are opting for more masculine fragrances that better suit the evolving culture, such as those with spicy, woody, oceanic and citrus notes. This opens huge opportunities for fragrance companies to explicitly target men with masculine fragrances and accompanying marketing campaigns.



These findings are based on the new Canadean report: Consumer Trends Analysis: 'Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the Indian Fragrances Market.'

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