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Indian ice cream market on the rise

08 July 2014

India is the most rapid growing ice cream market globally, with ice cream treats fast becoming a part of Indian culture. Indian consumers are turning into regular patrons of ice cream parlours, helping to fuel greater interest in packaged offerings in the country. According to a new report by Canadean, consumption of ice cream for each person in India was the lowest across major global markets in 2013, but is set to rise fast as consumers come to associate ice cream with fun experiences shared with friends and family.

India’s perception of ice cream is changing

Traditionally the Indian ice cream market has been dominated by the impulse category, with consumers seeing ice cream as an occasional treat for the hot summer season. However, the growth of ice cream parlour culture in India is causing this perception to change, which leads to more Indians enjoying their ice cream throughout the year and a greater demand for take-home products. As a result,  Indian consumers’ desire for fun sharing occasions will cause sales of take-home ice cream to rocket, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 15.5% from 2013-2018. According to Catherine O’Connor, Senior Analyst at Canadean: “Buoyed by rising disposable incomes, increasing home-freezer ownership, and the growing reach of cold-chain distribution pathways in the country, the time is now for the Indian ice cream market.”

Recreating the fun of the ice cream parlour at home

Ice cream parlours are a booming business in India, and this popularity is making its way to retail. “Manufacturers of packaged ice cream can tap into the popularity of the parlour by presenting fun products for sharing occasions, as well as ice cream party kits that allow consumers to add their own toppings to products, creating a fun, novel experience for all the family to enjoy together”, says O’Connor.  



Editor’s notes

These findings are based on the upcoming Canadean report: ‘Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behaviour in the Indian Ice Cream Market.’ 

Ice Cream

Amul – the biggest player in India’s ice cream market, extended their take-home range to include fun flavours such as Chocolate Passion, Fruit 'n Nut Fantasy, and Alphonso Marvel in 1.25l, 1.5l, and 2.2l sizes.

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