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Global sports events create opportunity for Brazilian packaging industry

24 April 2014

Major sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics will cause growth in demand for flexible packaging, with tourists looking for traditional Brazilian cuisine on-the-go.

Brazil is seeing rapid growth in the need for convenient, packaged foods. Up to 2017 the number of packs is forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.02%. The World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016 will cause growth in demand for flexible packaging, with tourists wanting to try traditional Brazilian foods that are convenient and easy to transport on-the-go. According to Joanne Hardman, Analyst at Canadean, this is a great opportunity for the industry. “Manufacturers can use these events as a platform to introduce limited edition packaging, as many tourists will be inclined to try new experiences and sample traditional Brazilian cuisines.”

Smaller households and the rise in single mothers drive demand for smaller packs

Shrinking households and the rising number of single mothers in Brazil is driving significant demand for smaller and single-serve packs that offer greater convenience and enabling on-the-go consumption. Single mothers with reduced leisure time are becoming an important consumer group. As a result, frozen foods and products that require shorter cooking and preparation time will see an increase in demand. Packaging that is designed to protect against perishing, enabling longer shelf-life and promote ready-to-eat consumption will be the popular choice.

Brazil Packaging

Club Social, Recheado, has seen steady sales growth since its launch. According to the company, the success can be found in a combination of hot and cheesy, a special recipe originated in the traditional Brazilian kitchen.


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Editor’s note

These findings are based on the new Canadean report: ‘Latest Trends and Key Issues in the Brazilian Retail Packaging Market’.


Flexible packaging covers a wide range of packaging that can be single and multi-layered and is supplied in reels or bags. It can be paper/poly/foil, nylon, or a combination of materials that are supplied either plain/printed/coated and/or laminated to provide long shelf-life properties.

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