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German ice cream market is the most valuable in Europe

04 July 2014

As Germans, especially older consumers, enjoy more ice cream than any other country in Europe, the ice cream market in Germany is now the most valuable - worth US $2.7 billion in 2013.

The German ice cream market is the most valuable in all of Europe with the Germans eating more ice cream than other Europeans. This is largely due to consumers aged 55 and older who are responsible for almost 40% of ice cream consumption, and this number will only increase as Germany’s population keeps on ageing. By contrast, those aged 16 and under are only responsible for 15% of consumption, showing that the traditional perception of ice cream being a sweet treat for kids needs to change. Older consumers are not only the biggest consumers of ice cream due to the large number of them in German society; they also have a great fondness for ice cream, eating more than their share compared to the proportion of the population that they represent. Therefore, it will be vital for manufacturers to target older consumers with indulgent products that offer greater sophistication, as well as fun experiences.

Germans demand indulgent ice creams

According to Canadean, over half of ice cream consumption in Germany is driven by the pursuit of indulgence. Consumers in Germany will be eager to try ice creams that offer rich, decadent flavours, as well as products that boast extra gooey textures, or contrasting mouthfeels, such as ice cream that features crunchy nut brittle or brownie pieces. Consumers experience a particular desire for indulgence from impulse ice cream products, looking for offerings that promise maximum reward and pleasure in this treating category. According to Catherine O’Connor, senior analyst at Canadean: “For an ice cream product to succeed in Germany, it needs to offer an indulgent experience above all else. While German consumers are also seeking convenience and quality products, as well as ice creams that bring fun and relaxation, these needs shrink in comparison to the high desire for indulgence that drives the market.” O’Connor adds: “Brands can use these other consumer desires to make their product different, but a focus on decadent ingredients and luxurious taste experiences must remain at the forefront of product design and promotional campaigns.”


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Editor’s notes

All market insights from this press release are based on Canadean's new report 'Consumer Trends Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the German Ice Cream Market.'


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Mövenpick's Maple Walnuts is one of the most popular ice creams in Germany, containing caramelised walnuts, maple syrup and cacao creme with rum flavour. 


Impulse ice cream - all dairy- and water-based ice creams including single-serve ice cream tubs, packaged cones (e.g. Cornetto), ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate-coated ice creams (e.g. Magnum). Includes low fat dairy, oil-based products (other than frozen yogurt) and ice-lollies.

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