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Frugal shopping habits in winter

23 October 2013

SHOPPING HABITS. Adults in the UK are likely to become more frugal in their grocery shopping habits in the winter months. This is reflected not only in the reduced frequency of shopping trips, but in the type of items they purchase and changes in the way they cook.

A survey of 2,000 adults conducted by Canadean Custom Solutions found that just over one quarter (26%) take greater advantage of price drops and promotional offers on food and drink in the winter than in the summer.  In addition, just over one fifth (21%) of the adults surveyed said that they are more conscious about what they spend on groceries and will make more of an effort into planning their grocery shop and put more consideration into what they are purchasing.

This is reflected in the way that people cook during the autumn/winter months with just over a quarter of adults in the UK (26%) saying they cook more from scratch and 20% of adults saying that they spend more time preparing meals than they would do in the summer. In addition just under a fifth (19%) said they prepare larger meals which are designed to be eaten over several nights.  The types of meals that people cook also change with the focus on more traditional offerings which satisfy the need for warming/comfort food when the weather is colder.

21% of adults say that they purchase more meat and vegetables as well as snacks and chocolate than in the summer. According to Canadean, the increased purchases of snack items is due to the holiday season and that people tend to spend more evenings at home during the colder weather.

Emma Herbert, Research Manager at Canadean Custom Solutions comments “While increased frugality over the autumn and winter can in part be attributed to shoppers budgeting before the festive season, the continued strain on consumer finances is only set to worsen with the recent increases in food, energy and fuel prices at a time when wage growth is stagnant.”

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