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Forget on-the-go: UK uses liquid water enhancers at home

20 October 2014

Rising consumer demand for more adventurous and exciting ways to pep up drinking water has led to an increase in the number of flavoured water enhancers in the market. Manufacturers have primarily positioned liquid water enhancers around on-the-go consumption.

However, Canadean data shows that most UK consumers use liquid water enhancers at home rather than taking full advantage of the on-the-go benefits. The challenge for brands is to ensure the growth of this emerging product by focusing on actual consumer needs instead of applying pre-conceived marketing strategies.

Other findings published in the Canadean white paper include:

  • The different market strategies of the three major UK brands: Robinsons, Oasis and Vitmo
  • Only 44% of consumers are aware of flavoured water enhancers
  • 66% of buyers have been using the product for less than two months
  • 41% think that liquid water enhancers look expensive and 34% assume they can get more servings from a regular bottle of cordial
  • Consumers have health concerns when it comes to liquid water enhancers
  • 30% of survey buyers say they purchase flavoured water enhancers for their children

If you want to receive the full white paper for more information on liquid water enhancers, please get in contact with the Canadean press office on +44 (0) 207 936 6713 or email

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