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Facebook Pages Fail to Drive Sales

01 August 2013

According to a new survey by Canadean Custom Solutions, fan pages on Facebook are having little influence on shopping behaviour in the FMCG industry.

Three quarters of UK adults (76%) have a Facebook account and 64% will regularly ‘like’ fan pages of products/brands they enjoy using. In the industry for fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) the most popular type of brand/product pages visited on Facebook is chocolate (38%), followed by skincare (32%) and fragrances (30%). The survey by Canadean Custom Solutions also found that 39% of Facebook users ‘like’ pages as they believe it helps demonstrate to their friends and family their “attitudes and outlook on life”.  Whilst people will visit these sites to ‘like’ a brand or product, it is unlikely that they will return to these pages again. Nor that it will have any significant influence on buying behaviour. 53% of UK Facebook users say that they will visit a brand page only once. 57% say that even though they ‘like’ a page, it is not likely to influence their shopping habits. 27% of Facebook users say that whilst they use and ‘like’ pages, they do not really see the point of them.

According to Michael Hughes, Research Manager at Canadean Custom Solutions, these numbers highlight that having many ‘likes’ on Facebook will not necessarily increase sales.

“Whilst a good Facebook fan page can give a brand cool credentials, it is unfortunate for manufacturers that it will not necessarily influence buying behaviour or drive sales”.

“These numbers show that brands need to do more if they are going to use their online presence in order to boost sales”.

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