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Energised toothpaste - a trend to watch

26 August 2014

Consumers in the UK are looking for new ideas on how to beat tiredness and stay fresh throughout the day. A new survey from Canadean predicts energised toothpaste will be a trend to watch and suggests more products could benefit from an ‘energy boost’.

A new survey from Canadean finds that 38% of the UK consumers say they regularly suffer from sleep deprivation, resulting in fatigue and decreased mental alertness. To boost the energy during the day and compensate for a lack of sleep, many consumers drink coffee or energy drinks. However, your daily energy boost does not necessarily have to come as a drink: Canadean’s survey suggests there’s an increased consumer interest for other types of energising products such as energy chewing gum, caffeinated chocolate or toothpaste made with the energising ingredient, taurine.

When asked if consumers are interested in a toothpaste or mouthwash with taurine designed to give them an energy boost, 29% of consumers indicated their interest with over two thirds claiming they would be willing to use such product once a day or more, the survey finds. 

A Russian oral care manufacturer has recently extended its ROCS oral care brand with an energised toothpaste with taurine. The company say it gives you “a burst of energy from the very morning.”

According to Veronika Zhupanova, analyst at Canadean, we are likely to see more companies giving new types of products an energy boost: “Energising products are slowly shifting from drinks into other categories, such as food and personal care.  The world has already seen a number of personal hygiene products, such as shower gels and shampoos with taurine.”

Oral Care has a special place among personal  hygiene products, as despite being spat out, it is partially absorbed in the mouth and its ingredients can be ingested in small amounts. 

Zhupanova believes energising toothpaste is likely to spread across the UK market: “British consumers have already been investing in oral care products more than other European countries; for example, the UK’s toothpaste and mouthwash market was estimated 656million pounds in 2013.” 

However, there are also things the producers must be aware of: “The borderline position of oral care will certainly aid the efficacy of the new product, however, this is also a double-edge sword.  Due to a chance of ingestion manufacturers need to set age limitations and daily intake occasions,” says Zhupanova.

Rocs -energy

In Russia ROCS brand has introduced the energy toothpaste with taurine, described as “a burst of energy from the very morning”.


All numbers used in this text are based on a recent Canadean consumer survey of answers from the UK-based adults.

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