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Digital sharing is reshaping consumer behavior and impacting real-world interactions, says Canadean

08 August 2016

Social bonds and sharing occasions have moved from real life to the virtual world as consumers today use multiple digital touchpoints in their everyday lives. With over a third of millennials claiming to use social media to share updates about personal activities and experiences once a week or more, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers must capitalize on today's age of hyper-connection by encouraging consumers to share pictures, videos, and product experiences in a visually engaging way, according to consumer insight firm Canadean.

The company's latest report states that virtual sharing is largely driven by younger, digitally native demographics, which manufacturers would benefit from targeting. Senior consumers are the least likely demographic to share updates on social media.

Tanvi Savara, Consumer Insight Analyst at Canadean, explains: "Today's digital landscape has changed the way humans interact, converse, and share experiences with each other. Young consumers in particular now openly post information and images regarding their activities, holiday plans, food and drinks they consume, and even their mood online. Encouraging consumers to do this in relation to products they consume helps to enhance consumer-brand dialogue."


Digital connectivity is also spearheading the rise of the sharing economy model, allowing consumers convenient and cost-efficient access to services and products by relying on peer-to-peer interaction. Indeed, access to ownership is becoming more important in today's hyper-connected world.

Savara continues: "Moving forwards, the sharing economy will continue to evolve into new sectors. According to results from Canadean's Q4 2015 global survey, consumers globally are most willing to share food and drinks (36%), their home for a short term, and transportation with people they do not know well, highlighting how consumer behavior is evolving in this digital age.

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"Platforms like OLIO, which claims to be the UK's first food-sharing app designed to combat food waste, address multiple consumer needs and show how modern consumers approach the online world, making it vital for FMCG brands to adapt accordingly."

Editor’s notes

Information based on Canadean’s report: TrendSights Analysis: Sharing; Addressing the consumer need to share products, services, and experiences.

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