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Consumers willing to buy alcohol from discount stores this Christmas

13 November 2013

SHOPPING HABITS. A survey by Canadean Custom Solutions shows that during the Christmas period, consumers are more willing to consider buying alcohol from a discount store such as ALDI, as opposed to store-own branded alcohol from major supermarkets. The findings show that while social taboos towards serving private label (PL) alcohol to guests at Christmas are slowly fading, the continental origin of discount brands make them more acceptable to serve.

Over the Christmas period, 44% of UK adults will purchase spirits either for themselves and family or as a gift, while 51% will buy still wine, 33% sparkling wine and 18% Champagne.

Of those who intend to buy alcohol during Christmas many will look to the discount stores. 79% will consider buying spirits from a discounter, 76% will buy still wine, 76% sparkling wine and 73% Champagne. When it comes to store-own brands, 65% said they would buy PL spirits brands, 70% would buy PL still wine, 75% PL sparkling wine and 66% would buy PL Champagne.

According to Canadean, the results will come as a disappointment for major retailers, especially as they look to push the premium credentials of their PL offerings. This is particularly true, as around one in ten buyers plan to spend more on alcohol this year compared to last year. Indeed, 13% of people who bought spirits last year plan to spend more this year, while 11% plan to spend more on still wine, 9% on sparkling wine and 14% on Champagne.

Michael Hughes, Research Manager at Canadean Custom Solutions, states “traditionally, there has been some form of embarrassment associated with serving private label and discounter brand alcohol at Christmas. This was because it could be seen as a decline in financial well-being or looking to skimp on costs in front of guests. While these attitudes are fading, it would appear that they are doing so at a greater rate when it comes to discounter brands.

Hughes concludes “the greater willingness to sample discounter alcohol brands could be due to the continental origin of these brands adding an extra level of appeal. It is also a further reflection of the continuing shift in shopping behaviour in the UK, with consumers confident enough to purchase beverages from discount stores for special occasions such as Christmas”.




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