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Consumers still hot for spicy food

08 October 2014

Canadean’s analyst Sam Allen comments on the growing popularity of all things spicy, from Nando’s ‘Extra Hot Chicken Breasts’ to Tesco’s ‘Three Chilli Steak Burgers’ and ASDA’s ‘Habenero Chilli Peanuts.'

Sam Allen, analyst at Canadean, says:

The foodservice sector has witnessed a rapid rise in the popularity of international restaurants such as Nando’s, which offer a range of increasingly hot options. This has led to similarly positioned eateries spicing up their menus to meet the growing demand for fiery flavours, with the trend trickling through to retail.”

“The growing popularity of the spice trend is showing no signs of decline, as consumers are continually seeking that next, new fiery flavour. Foodservice outlets have responded by providing menus packed with piquant dishes to test the taste buds of the bravest diners, and FMCG manufacturers are following suit.”

“Tesco created a range of premium ‘Three Chilli Steak Burgers’ infused with jalapeno, habenero and birdseye chilli’s, marketed towards consumers looking beyond the basic beef offerings. ASDA is also offering spicy savoury snacks, such as Habenero Chilli Peanuts. As the demand for heat intensifies across food sectors, cheese, chocolate and even alcohol will succumb to the search for spice.”

“Demand for niche sauces, such as Chillipepper Pete’s ‘Dragon's Blood’ is rapidly increasing, and the number of Co-operative stores carrying the product is set to increase from 450 to 1000 over the coming months. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are also set to begin stocking the item, along with some specialist spice-infused sausages, highlighting the need for larger manufacturers to respond to consumer demand.”

“Spicy flavours are not only reaching dinner plates, but finding their way into dessert dishes as the desire for spice with your ice-cream grows. Little Baby’s, based in Philadelphia USA, provide a variety of unusual ice cream flavours, such as their Black Pepper Butter Pecan, along with an eye-watering Earl Grey Sriracha combination.”

Little Babys Ice Cream

 Little Baby's offer spicy ice cream in the flavour 'Earl Grey Sriracha.'

ASDA Chilli Peanuts

 ASDA's 'Habanero Chilli Peanuts' offer a crunchy snack with a fiery kick.

Dragons Blood

Niche products such as Chillipepper Pete's superhot sauce 'Dragon's Blood' are on the rise.


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