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Coke and Monster challenge Red Bull supremacy

21 August 2014

Coke’s $2 billion deal with Monster has created a heavyweight contender to Red Bull’s commanding position in the global energy drinks market. The charts below shows the relative size of the Red Bull and Monster brands, as well as the combined size of the more disparate energy drinks portfolio built up by Coke – by volume and value.

Coke and Monster 1

Coke and Monster 2

The Monster brand currently holds just under 12% of the global energy drinks market by volume, versus just over 15% held by Red Bull (and 5% held by the Coke combined portfolio). Therefore in volume terms Monster is not far off the market leader. However, according to Emily Neill, Canadean CEO, “the real challenge for Coke and Monster will be to match Red Bull’s value share, which sits at nearly 24% of the global energy drinks market, whilst Monster tracks under at 9%.This reflects Red Bull’s premium pricing, driven by its strong profile in on-premise channels such as bars and clubs, as well as on-the-go outlets including garage forecourts.”

Distribution strategy will therefore be the key to success – and will determine whether Coke and Monster can eat into Red Bull’s value share. A comparison of the Red Bull, Monster and Coke global volume distribution shows that Monster + Coke combined have a global spread that already rivals that of Red Bull. The glaring gap for all three players is China – almost certainly the biggest prize of all. Monster Energy’s CEO Rodney Sacks has already pointed to this objective: “We want to get there as quickly as we can.”


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