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Cider in Australasia: The Perfect Storm

04 November 2013


The Australasian cider market is in rude health and national brands are enjoying excellent growth. According to a new Market Insight report from Canadean, the region saw the highest growth globally in 2012 with both New Zealand and Australia pulling their weight.

In terms of consumer base, product range, and industry dynamics, the cider market is in a pivotal state of flux. The New Zealand market, although around a sixth of the size of Australia’s, is rich and varied; well over three-quarters of consumption comprises of national brands.


Cider in Australasia


The Australian cider market has become increasingly diverse in recent years; 2012 was no different, with both multinational and smaller players introducing brands to the arena. This investment has been partly encouraged by a tax system which currently favours cider over Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages (FABs) and beer as a deterrent for excessive consumption by younger drinkers; a boon for the modern fruit-flavoured ciders that have a similar taste profile to FABs.

In New Zealand, cider is being repositioned, away from its image as a beverage for older, low income consumers, to the premium sector. This trend, which started in the early 2000s, was consolidated in 2012, with premium growth far surpassing the mainstream, despite new mainstream brands during the year.

Indeed, with an attractive market environment, it is no surprise that the range of brands and cider types available has shot up. For 2012 Australia saw new domestic and licensed brands, in addition to greater import volumes. Canadean reports that Australia’s import markets are also changing; from neighbour New Zealand to Europe, suggesting widening taste preferences. Despite this, the New Zealand market can be considered even more vibrant than the Australian, regardless of its size, due to the sheer number and variety of ciders available. This now seems only set to continue following the 2012 change in player dynamics.

While cider has been experiencing something of a slump in the key West Europe market, the renaissance appears to just be getting started in Australasia. With a changing landscape, Canadean predicts further development for the complex Australasian cider industry in 2013, in both volumes and brewer portfolios.

This information is based on findings from the Canadean reports: ‘New Zealand Cider Market Insights 2013’ and ‘Australia Cider Market Insights 2013’, both published in August 2013.

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