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Celebrity endorsements an important factor when consumers choose personal care product

12 August 2015

According to a global survey conducted by Canadean, three out of ten consumers in Asia-Pacific (27%) and the Middle East and Africa (30%) find it either important or very important that a personal care product is endorsed by a celebrity. This comes from a strong interest in celebrity culture and the latest fashions and styles in these two regions. 


Celebrity Endorsment

Canadean survey: How important are the following factors when choosing what personal care products to buy? - Whether it is endorsed by a celebrity


This trend is especially visible in the personal care market where a great number of brands are using celebrities to endorse products. “Manufacturers know that celebrities play an important role in people’s lives and offer consumers the chance to create a perceived link between them and the celebrity,” says Safwan Kotwal, analyst at Canadean. 

For example, Kajol, a famous Indian actress, was selected by Olay to be its anti-aging cream brand ambassador. “This was a shrewd move by Olay, choosing a household name to promote the product to middle-aged women. The slogan ‘Join me in the battle against ageing’ gives consumers the connection and makes Kajol someone they can relate to,” says Kotwal.

Social media allows deeper and more intimate connection

A key component in helping to build a connection between celebrities and their fans has been the rise of social media. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook have provided unrivalled access to the lives of celebrities, making people feel more connected and closer to their idols. “This greater connection leaves people aspiring to be like the celebrities, usually through similar consumption trends in terms of fashion and style, or by purchasing products endorsed by the celebrity,” concludes Kotwal. 


Olay Celebrity Endorsment

The famous India actress Kajol is Olay's anti-ageing cream brand ambassador. 



All numbers used in this text are based on the Canadean report: 'Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Connectivity.'

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