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British men look for convenient and luxurious personal-care products

16 April 2014

According to a new report from Canadean, male toiletry manufacturers in the UK should target men with little leisure time but high disposable income, to create products of convenience and exceptional quality.

Busy lives creates an opportunity in the UK male toiletries market

40% of male toiletries in the UK are consumed by busy men with less than three hours of leisure time a day. In a new report, Canadean has tracked the influence of 20 consumption motivators in the male toiletries market. The study found that only 14% of consumption was influenced by the need to find the most convenient product. According to Canadean Analyst, Joanne Hardman, the 14% represents a gap in the market where the ‘busy men’ can be targeted with more specific, convenient products. “The comparison of these two figures shows an opportunity in the market to reach out to these time-pressed consumers by offering them a more convenient, long-lasting effect product that compliments their busy lifestyle.”

Men aged 35-54 are looking for convenient products to help them stay looking young

Men aged 35 to 54 account for 35% of the UK adult, male population and 37% of male razor use, showing they are the most frequent shavers.

These figures reflect the need to exceed the ever growing pressures of men in the work place to look good for their age. These men are looking for a more holistic shaving experience from start to finish and pre and post-shave products are vital in avoiding razor burn or blotches to the skin.

Businessmen need convenient products which emphasise quality and portray success

From Canadean’s motivations tracker, it was found that 19.2% of male toiletries consumption was driven by the need for quality products.

Men who come from households with a total income above the 50th percentile within the UK account for 54.8% of male toiletries consumption, showing a need in the market for functional, high quality products. This provides manufacturers with the chance to expand their product range to offer these consumers more luxurious products at a bigger price. Manufacturers such as Philips have already exploited this opportunity to target this market and offer products such as the Philips GyroFlex 3D. Its high retail price and the offer of the ultimate shaving experience are an attractive feature to the consumer and provide him with a healthy and successful appearance.




Philips GyroFlex 3D offers the ultimate shaving experience, with a variety of attractive features such as UltraTrack heads, SensoTouch shavers, Aquatec seal and easy-grip handle to maintain a healthy and successful appearance.


UK Disposable Razors & Blades market by Wealth Group, 2012

 Uk Disposable Razors


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Editor’s notes

About this report

This information stems from the Canadean report: ‘Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Male Toiletries Sector in the UK.’


The report is based on Canadean’s consumer data, drawing on a consumer survey of over 30,000 responses across 38 cosmetics & toiletries product categories in 10 countries, and updated using consumer group tracking. In addition, Canadean’s consumer data tracks the influence of 20 consumption motivations.

One of the 20 consumption motivators tracked by Canadean is the “Busy Lives” trend, which study consumers who select products that let them fit in more activities into the same amount of time in a day. This reflects the demand for convenient products. More ‘convenient’ products are typically products that are fast and easy to use with longer lasting effects.

Wealth Cohorts:

Highly Affluent: a member of a household with a total income in, or above, approximately the 93rd centile for the country.

Moderate Income: a member of a household with a total income below approximately the 50th centile and in, or above, the bottom 22.5th centile within the country.

Hard Pressed: a member of a household with a total income below the bottom 22.5th centile within the country.
Rather Not Say: results for those people who declined to provide their household’s annual income.

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