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Beauty Industry to Embrace Ingredients Popularised by Juicing and Superfood Trends, says Canadean

14 April 2016

The beauty industry will soon see a distinct shift towards products and brands aligning themselves to the new wellbeing trend. Ingredients already popularised by food trends such as juicing, which have been purported as having beauty-aiding properties, are making their way into the formulations of various grooming products.

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The growing public perception that youth and beauty are best achieved through healthy eating and maintaining overall wellbeing has driven a range of new consumer products designed to aid the beauty-conscious consumer, according to a report by Canadean.

The idea that ingredients which are good for you on the inside may also provide benefits to external appearance has gained ground over recent years, and has fuelled trends such as the juicing movement, which involves the blending of a range of ingredients into homemade smoothies. This has also led to the increasing adoption of foods such as bone broth and the uptake of so-called souping, which entails the blending of various nutritious foodstuffs into homemade soups.

Jamie Mills, Analyst at Canadean, explains: “These trends are further driving interest in the connections between food, health, and appearance. This creates great opportunities for beauty brands to take inspiration from new health trends such as juicing in order to better resonate with health-conscious consumers.

“For example, although not a new trend, juicing could potentially generate renewed interest in nutricosmetics, particularly since gadgets such as the Nutribullet, designed to blend nourishing juices, have entered mainstream consciousness. Indeed, natural ingredients endorsed as superfoods and those used to make much-lauded green smoothies, could be promoted as beneficial to skin health and incorporated in beauty product formulations.”

According to Canadean’s research, 71% of consumers globally believe superfruits, such as blueberries, to be effective in beauty and grooming products. Brands will benefit from capitalising on the superfruit theme, as the familiarity and prevalence of this kind of ingredient in health foods will reassure consumers that extending their applications to use in beauty products will be effective.



Information based on Canadean’s report: Top Trends in Beauty and Grooming; Exploring the skincare, make-up, haircare, fragrances, suncare, and male grooming categories

All information correct at time of publication and based on Canadean's research methodology.

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