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Bacardi hitting the right note on twitter

15 February 2013

• Since the turn of the year, the global twitterati have been discussing Bacardi more than any other spirit brand

London, [15th February 2013] - When tracking the top 20 spirit brands on twitter, Attentio's social media tracking software has discovered that Bacardi has received 40.3% of all "spirit brand" tweets from across the globe. Despite trailing to Smirnoff in terms of global volume, Bacardi has been the most talked about spirit brand on twitter in 2013, relegating Smirnoff to second place, with just 29.9% of all spirit brand tweets. Grey Goose makes up the top three with 7.1% of all tweets.

In terms of positive brand sentiment, Diageo's Smirnoff (43.7%) edges out Bacardi (40.9%). However, according to Alex Wilman, Research Manager at Canadean Custom Solutions, "the rum brand's dominant share of tweets, is a clear indication that that Bacardi are leading the way when it comes to generating twitter conversation around their brand."

Bacardi hitting the right note on twitter


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