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Baby boomers expanding UK outbound tourism market

01 July 2015

In a new Expert Insight piece, Gillian Kennedy, analyst at Canadean, looks at the travel behaviour of 55+ year olds, whose purchasing power has been strengthened by recent changes in pension annuities.

Canadean expects that British tourists will make over 62 million trips abroad in 2015, which makes the UK one of the largest outbound tourism markets in Europe, only second behind Germany as the top source market. Among those travelling, the British baby boomer generation of over 55+ year olds has fast become one of the most significant demographics with greater purchasing power and more holiday time than younger cash-strapped tourists. While this ‘baby boomer’ generation have consistently been a major part of the entire UK outbound market, recent changes in pension annuities have strengthened their ability to take leisure holidays abroad. 

Highlights from the Expert Insight piece by Gillian Kennedy:

  • A Canadean survey found 34% of 55+ year olds opt for two holidays a year
  • 55+ year olds often return to the same destination when taking more than one trip abroad
  • Spain, Portugal and Greece are the top choices for baby boomers
  • Only 11% of 55+ year olds go abroad during June, while 15% opt for a holiday in April
  • A transport provider which is near the place of arrival/departure is very important for baby boomers
  • With the removal of pension restrictions and the improvements in LCC customer service, older UK consumers are likely to increase the frequency in which they travel abroad 

Baby Boomer Tourism Graph 2

Based on a Canadean survey of 344 UK based respondents that are 55 years or older and are planning a trip abroad in 2015.


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About the author

Gillian Kennedy Profile Pic 

Gillian Kennedy completed her PhD in Middle Eastern Politics at King’s College London in 2014, and has since been working for Canadean’s Travel and Tourism division as a lead analyst for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 

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