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  • UK consumers hesitant to try new alcoholic drinks

    21 January 2015

    A new Canadean report finds that eight out of ten consumers who drink alcohol out of their homes rarely or never try new alcoholic drinks. This is concerning as substantial investment is made in developing and marketing new products. However, exciting flavours and seasonal offerings will keep the market from stagnating.

  • Protein: Turning from a fad to a trend

    19 January 2015

    A new Canadean report finds that half of UK consumers are now aware of the health benefits of protein, presenting an expanding opportunity for protein enriched food and drinks.

  • Russia’s economic downturn leads to rise of group buying websites

    15 January 2015

    Russia’s economic instability leads to consumers being more careful about their expenses. However, they still want to treat themselves, pushing group buying sites such as Groupon or in the spotlight, argues Veronika Zhupanova, analyst at Canadean.

  • Craft and fusion are next steps for cider brands

    13 January 2015

    While the cider market has undergone a revolution over the last two decades, consumers still see cider as a beverage they only turn to occasionally. Manufacturers need to do more to enhance the appeal of cider in the UK – and craft production and sensory fusion is the way to success.

  • Adding value to sugar: Exciting flavours and product innovation

    09 January 2015

    When buying sugar the majority of hot drinks consumers are vastly motivated by price. To avoid a race to the bottom, manufacturers need to come up with new ways to add value, such as flavoured sugar and sugar on wands.

  • New Year resolution: Over a third of the UK want to eat more healthily

    05 January 2015

    New research from Canadean shows that over a third of consumers make resolutions to eat and drink more healthily in 2015. Healthy eating is the number one resolution for consumers in the UK, above saving money and cutting stress. Especially women and those aged 18 to 34 will fuel demand for healthy ingredients and lighter foods.

  • Anti-ageing skincare not resonating with older consumers

    23 December 2014

    According to a Canadean survey, 20% of UK consumers are concerned about skin ageing, but only one-third of those who are worried have adopted a regular anti-ageing skincare routine. This indicates that marketers are failing to connect with a majority of consumers who are most interested in their products.

  • Black Friday: 30% of UK consumers believe it's a good idea

    18 December 2014

    In the aftermath of the Black Friday sales, widespread criticism about the erratic shopping behaviour of consumers on the hunt for ‘killer-bargains’ emerged. However, a new Canadean survey finds that UK shoppers have a less negative view on Black Friday than one might think.

  • Jam, honey and chocolate spreads stick well with UK consumers

    17 December 2014

    The UK syrups and spreads market is dominated by jam and honey spreads. However, chocolate spreads are expected to gather pace, growing by 35% up to 2018, finds new report from Canadean.

  • ‘Right-for-me’ make-up will see growing demand in Spain

    10 December 2014

    In the declining Spanish make-up market, products which promote the opportunity to alter looks and convey a desired image give manufacturers the chance to make a stand.