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  • Forget on-the-go: UK uses liquid water enhancers at home

    20 October 2014

    The rapid growth of liquid water enhancers as an on-the go product across the US has encouraged manufacturers to target the same market in the UK, but the different consumer needs call for an alternative marketing approach.

  • Difficulty in opening tinned food will drive demand for alternative types of packaging

    14 October 2014

    A new survey by Canadean finds that one in five (22%) consumers consider tinned food difficult to open. With British consumers spending over £8 billion on the most convenient food products, manufacturers will increasingly adopt easier to open packs such as pouches for vegetables, soups, meat, and fish.

  • Consumers still hot for spicy food

    08 October 2014

    Canadean’s analyst Sam Allen comments on the growing popularity of all things spicy, from Nando’s ‘Extra Hot Chicken Breasts’ to Tesco’s ‘Three Chilli Steak Burgers’ and ASDA’s ‘Habenero Chilli Peanuts.'

  • Rising demand for natural sweeteners

    07 October 2014

    New Canadean report on non-caloric sweeteners: The concerns about obesity and related health problems plus sugar taxes in many countries have stimulated the market for non-caloric sweeteners. Particularly the natural plant-derived sweeteners such as Stevia are getting popular as more people look for natural products.

  • Beverage industry is wising up to an aging population

    02 October 2014

    Although historically the marketing of soft drinks was focused on the youth market with the key age bracket of 10-24 year olds, Canadean detects great opportunities in targeting the growing aging population.

  • UK prefers vegetables over miracle health cure products

    02 October 2014

    A majority of UK consumers are distrustful of food and drinks products that offer a magic bullet health solution. Instead, they opt for traditional health foods such as fruit and vegetables, finds new survey by Canadean.

  • Energy drinks sales skyrocket – despite health concerns

    01 October 2014

    Although energy drinks producers report record sales, a new survey by Canadean finds that over half of energy drink consumers in the UK believe that the drinks are bad for their health. To secure the success of this fast-growing market, producers need to come up with healthier recipes and ingredients.

  • Thriving economy fuels Chile’s packaging market

    30 September 2014

    The future looks bright for the Chilean economy which in recent years has benefited from rising exports and foreign investments. This new optimism has had a positive effect on the country’s packaging market, reveals new report from Canadean.

  • Heart, gut and brain health leading opportunities for functional drinks

    25 September 2014

    Heart health, gut and digestive issues, and cognitive health are the leading consumer concerns that manufacturers of functional drinks should look to target, finds new report from Canadean.

  • Private label pushes for high-end beverages

    22 September 2014

    Private label drinks products, such as own brand ranges from supermarkets, are known for low prices at the expense of quality. However, more and more private label drinks products can be found in supermarket aisles reserved for ‘premium’ name brands, a new report by Canadean finds.