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  • British men look for convenient and luxurious personal-care products

    16 April 2014

    According to a new report from Canadean, male toiletry manufacturers in the UK should target men with little leisure time but high disposable income, to create products of convenience and exceptional quality.

  • A shift in packaging for China’s shrinking households

    10 April 2014

    A shift in packaging for China’s shrinking households Packaging in China must meet the needs of busier, smaller households, Canadean reports.

  • Thoughts on cider - a reinvigorated image for cider in the UK

    09 April 2014

    The perception of cider has moved from a low cost, high ABV alcoholic beverage to a fun and vibrant drink with a trendier image than that of beer.

  • Brazil’s fast growing economy is driving a fundamental change in male toiletries market

    02 April 2014

    According to a new Canadean report, the rapidly growing Brazilian economy will present manufacturers and retailers with excellent opportunities in the male toiletries market. Opportunities exist to target time-pressed, image conscious men who are looking to hypermarkets and supermarkets for a broader range of shaving products.

  • Beauty conscious Brazil to fuel growth in the plastic packaging industry

    02 April 2014

    Brazilians favour plastic over any other material for their health and beauty product packaging.

  • Personal health and nutrition are key trends in UK dairy market

    02 April 2014

    According to a new Canadean report, more consumers are choosing products tailored to their personal dietary requirements, such as lactose intolerance dairy and immunity boosts. The ageing UK population are influential as they increasingly seek dairy products which meet such specific health needs.

  • Ingredients Innovation

    01 April 2014

    NEWS FROM CANADEAN INGREDIENTS. This month’s topics relate to sugar calories in a broad context. Calories from sugar by themselves are not nutritionally un-healthy as they are about getting energy for our body. Therefore, this newsletter is dealing with sugar calories in a new way – in moderation and in balance when needed. We discuss the balance of carbohydrates in terms of regulating the sugar peaks in our blood, as well as revealing the current industry approach in terms of new soft drink strategies on sugar.

  • Growth in male toiletries market in Russia

    31 March 2014

    According to a new Canadean report, Russia will see biggest growth in male toiletries market come from older men wishing to look good, quickly.

  • Packaging for the youth is set to grow in Indonesia

    31 March 2014

    Packaging companies should focus on a youth-driven cosmetics sector in Indonesia, finds new report from Canadean.

  • India’s youth drive haircare market

    27 March 2014

    The hair styling products sector in India is set to expand rapidly due to the increase in the young population, providing opportunities for brands to create new, innovative products with salon effects.