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Eastern Europe beverage Strategy Congress 2013

From 08 October 2013 until 08 October 2013, Warsaw, Poland

The Eastern Europe Beverage Strategy Congress will offer any industry leading platform to highlight the most significant opportunities within the Eastern Europe beverage industry. Showcasing key industry professionals who will demonstrate successful strategies to encourage growth, highlight pioneering product development processes and encourage innovative ways to approach the consumer driven market.

With the constantly shifting landscape within the Eastern Europe beverage sector, and the changing perception of non-alcoholic beverages amongst consumers, beverage companies are forced to react faster to the market changes than ever before. The dip in the economy is beginning to recover and the importance of strong innovative strategies to enable growth in the market is even more apparent than before.

This year’s Congress will feature some of the most respected members of the industry including the following:

Roel Annega,Marketing Director, The Coca-Cola Company

Elzbieta Noga, Own Brand Director Central Europe, TESCO

Pierre Philippenko, Marketing Director, Multon, a TCCC and CC Hellenic JV

Patricia Fosselard, Secretary General, EFBW – European Federation of Bottled Water

Ivan Kolarov, East Europe Research Director, Canadean

Marius Horbacauskas, CEO, AB Volfas Engelman, part of Olvi Group


Eastern Europe Beverage Strategy Congress

8th October Warsaw, Poland