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Canadean Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages 2015

From 22 September 2015 until 23 September 2015, London, UK

Thank you to all our attendees at the Canadean Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages conference for making the 2014 meeting our best ever!

Once again the meeting gathered together the key brand owners and solutions providers who are driving innovation and inspiring change in the rapidly evolving non-alcoholic beverage development market.

The beverage industry continues to be faced with unquenchable expectations from well informed consumers, who are increasingly motivated by cost, innovation and benefit in their product choices. It has never been more important to demonstrate the authenticity of your product, and to stand out from the crowd through your key messages and channels of communication.

In 2015, we will meet again in London to investigate the challenges faced by beverage brand owners, and help to find the answers to your key questions.

The non-alcoholic drink sector has evolved dramatically over the last five years. How do you and your company plan to get ahead in this exciting but highly crowded marketplace? Join us in September 2015 to find out.