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Brands are playing matchmaker with alcohol and food

30 January 2015

Alcoholic drinks brands are looking for new ways for consumers to enjoy their products in a bid to encourage consumers to trade up in an already saturated market. As private label alcohol becomes more tiered, with both high and low-end offerings, consumers are trading down in their consumption and looking out for the best deal. In response to this, branded labels are searching for new innovations and creating new experiences which private labels cannot offer.

Despite the country’s economic recovery, consumers are still demonstrating recessionary spending habits. This development is mirrored in the growing popularity of the “big night in,” when consumers are entertaining in the comfort of their own homes. Wine and cheese nights are becoming more popular, with the likes of Aldi offering its own cheese boards and luxury red wines. However, consumers are now looking for something more than this. The idea of creating new occasions and exclusivity is something which consumers will often trade up for, as they are willing to pay more for a novel experience.

Brewdog PopcornBrewDog have been experimenting with new ways to promote their craft beer by pairing it with a variety of food, including popcorn, beef jerky and burgers. While the trend for beer and food pairings is still relatively small, the idea of marrying the two together is growing in on-trend bars in urban areas, which can also be transferred to the home. Black Cow vodka, made in England’s West Country, offer a gift bag which contains a bottle of Black Cow vodka, a Black Cow cheddar cheese and a pot of Dorset quince Jelly. This pairing offers consumers a new experience of vodka and rustic eating, providing an additional sensory appeal through blending flavours and enhancing the overall experience.


By Joanne Hardman

Joanne Portrait _BW_croppedSince joining Canadean in early 2014, Joanne has produced a variety of reports identifying emerging market trends and explaining insights into consumer behaviour in FMCG markets. Joanne graduated with honors from the University of Manchester in 2012 in Language, Literacy and Communication and from there worked as a New Claims Handler at a solicitors firm and then moved onto working as a Personal Claims Manager in the Financial sector.