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A drink for all occasions

08 April 2015

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Beverage Packaging Innovation, I hope that within these pages you will find the most recent and exciting information from the drinks industry. It is our mission to fill the content with as much forward-looking information and support as possible, and have been aided in this by Canadean, which has provided the analysis and market data you will find within.

According to Canadean, overall 2014 has been a promising year for the commercial beverage market, with a 3.3% growth anticipated against 2013. Outside of Europe, which has seen 0.1% loss in Russia; through to a 0.3% loss in Eastern Europe; Mexico, which has seen 0.3% loss; and North America, which has seen a 0.2% loss; all other markets are showing growth. Asia remains the outright dominant driver of volume gain. China on its own in 2014 will account for nearly 20% of all global consumption. If Indonesia and India are included in the Asian forecast this figure will rise to 33%.

It has certainly been a busy year, from Interpack through to Brau and Emballage with a multitude of launches and new designs in between. One of the runaway success stories has been the launch of Squash’d by Robinsons and the explosion of enhancers or drops that have followed worldwide. From personal experience, being able to ‘mix to preference’ is an excellent innovation, and the convenience and portability of the package makes it easy to store in a fridge, cupboard, bag or pocket.

Further to this focus on matching personal refreshment preferences, there will continue to be growth in occasion-supporting trends. As we find ourselves pushed for time, we want to ensure that every personal moment is savoured or enhanced. Indulgent, time-saving, vitality-enhancing, healthy and authentic drinks will continue to see strong growth, underlined by more impressive delivery systems to ensure that we can have the drink we want, when we want and how we want it.

In this edition, we have included multiple perspectives from manufacturers and analysts so that you will have balanced information for support into and through 2015. I welcome questions, suggestions and feedback from you all and will be looking forward to building our digital community in support of the publication, so that you are always able to reach us. If I have missed any topics or areas that you feel are important it will be my pleasure to address them in subsequent issues.

Kindest regards,

Matthew Rogerson




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