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How we help our ingredients clients

Canadean’s Ingredients team has developed unique tools to support strategic planning and NPD functions by tracking innovation constraints and opportunities, with a focus on market trends for functional ingredients.

The proprietary benchmarking system for functional ingredients provides our clients with a strategic knowledge and insight tool for innovation and business development. Analyzing consumer product consumption together with Canadean’s proprietary de-formulation models provides insight into actual consumption trends across all types of food grade ingredients.

Typical client questions and challenges that we address:

  • How do omega fat ingredients differ in composition and health benefit?
  • What ingredients are available for heart healthy formulations and what documentation status do they have?
  • Which non-caloric sweeteners are available in the market and what is their regulatory status?
  • What is the level of the glucuronolactose or anthocyanin consumption within the Soft Drinks categories?
  • What is the current consumption of Carotenes, Riboflavin, Sunset Yellow or Tartrazine in the soft drinks industry?

Our solutions include:

  • Ingredient profiles by manufacturer
  • Benchmarking of ingredients by technology and commercial parameters
  • Identifying diverse ingredients offering similar consumer benefits
  • Analysis of ingredient consumptions within soft drinks by geography and categories
  • Analysis of ingredient use by product category, or brand