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How we help our foodservice clients

Canadean’s unique research methodology enables us to provide our foodservice clients with actionable insights into this poorly understood, but high value, area of the market. Alongside a global market intelligence solution, we offer our clients in-depth and granular market sizing and analysis, customized according to local market characteristics and clients’ strategic needs.

Typical client questions and challenges that we address:

  • What is the volume and value of the on-premise market by consumer goods sector?
  • What are the local nuances in the foodservice markets we are targeting?
  • What channels deliver the most value for a target category?
  • What are our competitors doing to stimulate growth, and in which channels and product categories?
  • What are the channel operator dynamics in high growth geographies?

Our solutions include:

  • Market sizing by channel – volume, value and forecasts
  • Consumer consumption tracking by occasion, location and channel
  • Route-to-market analysis by company, or brand
  • Key player profiling
  • Footfall and expenditure analysis