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Consultancies and Financials

How we help our consultancy and financial services clients

At Canadean we provide our consultancy and banking clients with a broad range of industry intelligence, supporting sector specialist teams in areas such as equity research and strategy consulting, as well as key transactional functions including corporate finance / M&A and project finance.

Typical client questions and challenges that we address:

  • What are the forecast growth rates for the key consumer categories and countries where company A operates?
  • What acquisition opportunities are available in key target markets?
  • What are the major opportunities and threats facing companies operating in e.g. the Latin American beer markets?
  • Which consumer trends are going to drive growth for companies operating in e.g. the personal care markets in BRIC countries

Our solutions include:

  • Quantitative market sizing & trend analysis, by volume and value
  • Company and brand portfolio profiling
  • Consumer trends sizing and analytics
  • M&A opportunity mapping
  • Due diligence market information and analysis