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Advertising Agencies

How we help our advertising agency clients

At Canadean we provide our advertising agency clients with insights into the consumer brands landscape, enabling them to develop brand positioning and strategies for their key consumer accounts based on a robust and in-depth fact base.

Typical client questions and challenges that we address:

  • What are the key consumer trends influencing purchase within a particular consumer category?
  • What is the profile of consumers commenting on a specific company or brand?
  • Which digital platforms generate the most buzz for a target brand?
  • What strategies can be applied to stimulate online brand advocacy?
  • How do digital campaigns translate with consumers and how does this impact on purchasing behaviors?

Our solutions include:

  • Consumer trends sizing and analytics
  • Brand and category market sizing and benchmarking
  • Social media tracking including:
    • Social Media Listening           
    • Sentiment Tracking       
    • Campaign Measurement                  
    • Brand & Corporate Reputation