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Social Media Tracking

Canadean 'Attentio' provides full listening coverage and analytics across online and social media channels, delivering immediate insight into consumer attitudes and sentiments towards companies, issues and brands.

A global, multilingual solution, Attentio provides unrivaled coverage, streaming information from blogs, forums, social networks, media websites and mainstream news across the world.

No matter where or how it is broadcast, Attentio allows our clients to pinpoint critical communications, with inputs and feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Wordpress, Blogspot, Livejournal, Tumblr, YouTube, Dailymotion, Flickr and a myriad of mainstream news sources.

This data is filtered into an intuitive dashboard and tailored insight periodicals, enabling our clients to quickly decode the online conversation and react quickly and decisively.

The Attentio Dashboard

Industry InforgraphicThe Attentio Dashboard simplifies complex social media analysis, allowing our clients to quickly route through the world of social media and locate the precise information they need.

The dashboard charts the rise and fall of conversations over time, broken down by day, weekday, week, month or year. The dashboard can then be manipulated using Attentio Analytics in order to further interrogate the social media landscape.

Buzz trends

The Attentio Dashboard allows our clients to chart the rise and fall of conversations over any time period and with specific filters in place to search for topics within a defined conversation.

Specific keywords can be overlaid on top of the tracker, enabling critical topics to be measured and monitored across the global conversation.


The Attentio Social Media Dashboard structures your data using a sophisticated set of attributes. By filtering the data with categories such as language, region, country, rank, sentiment, media and platform you can quickly and easily analyze your data broken down into your target market segments.

Auto sentiment

Articles in the social media dashboard are automatically classified according to the sentiment in each message as positive, negative or neutral. This system works exceptionally well to ensure that the correct sentiment is attached. However in order to cater for local nuances of language, the assigned sentiment can be altered manually to ensure accuracy of data.

Live charts

The simple yet powerful dashboard interface allows clients to customize how information is represented using a comprehensive set of filters and display options. When a new series of filters are applied, the Attentio Dashboard updates instantly with the new data set and graphical representation.


Sample Data

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