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Product Innovation and NPD Analysis

Successful product innovation has never been more critical to the financial health of consumer market brands. Innovation is a core component of the category management process, essential to keeping consumers and shoppers engaged with brands and increasingly required to meet changing regulatory requirements.

Canadean Custom Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist you to understand the NPD landscape globally and how organisations are using elements including ingredients and packaging to ensure ongoing resonance with retailers and shoppers.

Canadean Custom Solutions has a dedicated team of category, ingredients and packaging experts as well as a global team of product analysts who are able to assist you in tracking and keeping abreast of innovation in your categories and aligned categories.

Canadean Custom Solutions’ holistic perspective of the consumer market can help you to draw inspiration for your categories from what otherwise may be considered to be disparate and divergent sources – through helping you to understand why and innovation is working and how it can be adapted and applied to your business.

NPD analysis and tracking

Canadean’s global shopper network sources new product introductions from across the globe on a daily basis. This service can be used by your business to retrieve actual product samples from markets for your own analysis purposes and can be used to enliven NPD and innovation workshops that Canadean can facilitate and run on your behalf – helping you bring fresh inspiration and ideation to your business.

Canadean’s NPD analysis services are designed to ensure that you are fully conversant with global best practice and country specific requirements, so that you are able to marry what is best for a brand overall with the critical success factors that will ensure that product will succeed in a given market.

Quality assurance and compliance auditing

Increasingly, product labelling, product ingredients and packaging specifications need to be country specific, with any deviation potentially leading to market exclusion or even costly recalls. To this end, Canadean’s team of food technologists and bio-scientists are able to assist your business to best understand the intricacies of global regulatory requirements. 

Canadean’s team is also able to track how your products are represented by your retail and distribution partners in market – ensuring that the standards you and your consumers expect are being adhered to on a consistent basis.

Our programs and solutions are tailor-made to your specifications and provide you with the assurance required that your product development approach will not be inadvertently compromised and has the best chance of the success upon launch.

Packaging analysis and insight

Packaging is often the first line in communication to shoppers.  Indeed, it provides the immediate call to action in store – with innovative and well targeted packaging often being the deciding factor as to whether a product gets placed into a shopping basket or not.

Canadean Custom Solutions provides a comprehensive packaging advisory service, helping you to forecast how packing formats need to evolve to meet the changing demands of shoppers, consumers and retailers.

We can compare your packaging to those of your competitors and help you develop concepts that will ensure you retain your advantage in the marketplace, understanding not only what is happening, but why it is important for your business and how you can implement innovative packaging solutions in your NPD processes.

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