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Consumer and Shopper Insights

Nothing ultimately happens in consumer markets without the permission of the consumers. Consumers and shoppers drive demand and it is their ongoing acceptance of products and services provided that powers success.

In the fast-paced environment that we live, consumers are ever changing and evolving. They are also increasingly fragmented and have diverse and often complex need states, which constantly mutate and change based on evolving lifestyles and responses to macro-economic and socio-demographic drivers.

Canadean Custom Solutions can help you to keep abreast of consumer and shopper attitude and behavior drivers - whether you are looking to better understand holistic behaviors within a country or to identify the key trends playing out in your category. Whatever your requirements, Canadean Custom Solutions’ team of consumer and shopper insight specialists has the experience to assist you to analyze the critical nuances that you need to shape your engagement with consumers and shoppers - providing actionable recommendations in NPD, category management, brand management and communication strategies.

Full service market research solutions

Canadean Custom Solutions operates the longest established, most highly profiled consumer panel in the UK and can reach across 4,000,000 consumers worldwide. With over 200 individual screening criteria attached to each respondent, we are able to locate the specific, hard-to-reach consumer attributes that our clients require.

Canadean Consumer also directly recruits from the specialist readership of our print publications, through live sampling and from over 500,000 affiliate websites.

This capability, combined with our focus on the continued development and deployment of sophisticated research tools and solutions, means that we are able to deploy innovative quantitative and qualitative programs allowing you to reach and understand the most niche of audiences and get to the bottom of what is driving behaviors and more importantly to develop an understanding of how those behaviors are going to evolve in the future.

Consumer and shopper behavioral analysis

Canadean Custom Solutions understands how consumers and shoppers think. The core team has over 100 years of combined experience helping consumer clients draw the most pertinent conclusions from their research findings and join the disparate and contradictory dots that often shape the modern consumer and shopper.

Furthermore, Canadean’s team of in-field consultants are able to provide real-time perspectives on what is driving and shaping behavior and the critical factors that need to be understood when analyzing the results derived from any research that might be commissioned.

As such, Canadean Custom Solutions can develop bespoke solutions that will allow you to:

  • Segment consumers and shoppers and understand the key characteristics that underpin and drive their behaviors through the creation of frameworks that identify the critical trends that play out in your product categories.
  • Build occasion, location and need state models that help you to understand the who, what, why, when, where and how of consumption - and accordingly the opportunities that are available to your products and brands for future growth.
  • Forecast and assess how your target consumer and category is evolving and what needs to be done to ensure that the opportunities presented are optimized by your business.
  • Understand where your competitors are playing and which consumer and shopper segments they are targeting, why they are focusing on those segments and what they are endeavouring to do to drive resonance for their brands.


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