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Competitor Analysis

FMCG markets and categories have become increasingly competitive in recent years and this trend is showing no sign of diminishing. It is becoming difficult to grow market share, maintain margins and secure shelf-space as major retailers become ever more powerful and innovation cycles become ever shorter.

In this environment, it is more important than ever to understand how to ensure that your brands, products and services retain their resonance in the market place and in the shopping baskets of consumers. Securing first mover advantage or being the first in the market with an incremental change in a category has accordingly never been more crucial.

As such, understanding what competitor companies are doing is essential to ensuring that the correct plans are being executed both strategically and tactically. This allows you to compete more effectively and efficiently through deploying resources where it is really going to make a difference to your business.

Competitive and market gap analysis

Canadean Custom Solutions can help you to understand where your competitors are playing in a given category and where opportunities exist for your products. We secure detailed overviews of the strategies your competitors are deploying in NPD,category management and consumer and shopper insight. 

Canadean’s in-depth knowledge of the global FMCG landscape and country specific drivers, as well as a deep understanding of the strategies being adopted and deployed by global and local brands, assessing where the best opportunities are for your products and their success.

Our services will allow you to benchmark your performance against core competitors and provide the analysis that will allow you to action changes or enhance efforts that you are already making to stay ahead of the game – allowing you to target your efforts in the areas that really matter to you.

M&A assessments and commercial due diligence

Canadean’s Custom Solutions team and in-field local market experts can help you to understand which companies you should be targeting in specific categories and countries as part of your market entry strategy - helping you to identify the organizations that will best help you achieve your commercial and financial objectives.

Canadean Custom Solutions can also help you to test the claims made by potential acquisition targets about their products, services and market positioning assisting you in better assessing the risks associated with the acquisition, determining whether the valuation of the business is fair and reasonable and ultimately qualifying you to decide whether the business has the growth potential and attractiveness that you require.

Partner evaluation and assessments

Expansion into other markets or gaining access to distribution does not always require acquisitions. Indeed, finding the right partners to work with from a manufacturing or distribution perspective can be a more viable and cost effective way of building brand presence in particular categories or countries.

Canadean Custom Solutions can assist you to identify the organizations that are the most synergistic with your business and your strategic objectives, saving you time and helping you to realize benefits from external partnerships quickly and effectively.

Our team of local market experts understand the nuances and specifics that are critical when driving success in new markets and our consultants have many years of experience in helping companies open up new territories. This will provide you with the information and advice necessary to ensure that you team up with the right partners at the right time.

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