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Net Promoter Score in UK Retail

The assignment

A leading high street retailer wanted to develop a new customer dashboard, and the creation of a net promoter score was pivotal to the process. The requirement was to create a net promoter score study and survey robust enough to form a barometer of brand performance that could be integrated into the staff bonus equation.

The net promoter score study needed to reflect all the main customer interactions, physical, online and call centre, across all retail brands, in addition to providing a perspective into the behavior of consumers using their core competition.

Approach and delivery

Canadean was selected for this study for three reasons - its ability to easily locate the specific groups the client wanted to target, the engagement levels its survey capability would bring and cost effectiveness.

Canadean targeted 400 interviews per brand per month and 400 interviews per month for each of the four named competitors. In addition, there was a requirement to build in 100 additional interviews per week to target the older generation to understand the store preferences and usage frequencies of grandparents.

The questionnaire was structured so that it would capture clear demographic segmentation, split by age, gender, family structure, social class and location of residence by TV/BARB.  Following this they were asked to confirm specific reasons for interaction with each business and channel, the method of contacting, NPS question and an open ended question for the reason behind this rating.

Data results were delivered providing weighted and un-weighted results with full cross tabs as per the client's requirements. In addition, a quarterly report was produced to help the retailer disseminate the information to both internal stakeholders and abridged results to individual retail outlets.                  

Impact and benefits

This activity was designed to not only feed into the staff bonus scheme, based upon the level of satisfaction they delivered to customers, but also be used on a monthly basis at board level to help shape the future direction of the business. Based on the success of the project, Canadean was enlisted to deliver further support in a variety of additional areas, such as website optimization and an ongoing qualitative research program.