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Mixed Mode Studies

Canadean’s research into the consumer market supplier industries, packaging and ingredients, use a combination of unique primary and secondary research methods, together with proprietary data modeling techniques.


The packaging research program covers 170 different product categories over eight markets and 50 countries over five continents. This scope delivers detailed information on material, type for primary container, closure, outer and multi-packaging. Historical and forecast figures are provided across the container, closure and outer data.

Our packaging research program is founded on extensive primary research and uses an optimal mix of methods and approaches to deliver highly granular data. There are four research phases, plus publication, enabling a synthesis of packaging consumption and market data from a variety of industry sources.

Research Phases

Industry Inforgraphic
  • Existing data
  • Feedback from previous years
  • Baseline data
  • Store checks
    • 170 categories
    • 50 countries
    • Local researchers
  • Interviews
    • 50 countries in local language
    • At category level
    • Market and packaging information
    • Quantative data
      • Current and historical
      • Values
      • Volumes
      • Packaging shares
    • Qualitative data
      • Forecasts
      • New package lines
  • Complete dataset
  • Sense checking
  • Congruent data
  • E-checks
  • Integrated data
  • SQL database
  • Advisory board review
  • Regional analysis
  • Consolidated database
  • Publishing process
  • Database
  • Reports

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Canadean’s ingredients profiles are produced with a combination of primary and secondary research.

The primary element is based on data analysis undertaken by scientifically qualified researchers with backgrounds in food science, pharmacology, bioscience, patents and nutrition. This analysis involves scrutinising the science behind each ingredient and producing factual descriptions, as well as completing an unbiased benchmarking model, driven by an objective scoring system.

Our secondary research consolidates ingredient information via suppliers’ websites, MSDS databases, and publicly available and accredited databases, such as Pub Med (National Institutes of Health), Medscape, WIPO, Romarin, WHO Health, Right Diagnosis, FDA, EFSA etc.

Canadean’s ingredients researchers are fully trained in the analysis of scientific evidence and regularly participate in industry educational events and bespoke client projects.

The ingredient market trends database is driven by in-depth and rigorous primary research, combined with our proprietary ingredients de-formulation modeling. The base data is taken from Canadean’s highly granular brand volumes databases.

Key global brands with high volume and high geographic spread are identified, followed by key regional brands and then key local country brands. These brands are totalled up, and are benchmarked against a target of 75% coverage of each category and country.

Ingredients Research Breakdown

Industry Inforgraphic

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