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Consumer Surveys

Methodology Process

Industry Inforgraphic

Consumer Trends Sizing

Canadean provides market data across 50 countries through extensive industry research. For the leading 10 countries this research is integrated with the results of a unique survey of consumer consumption patterns to provide unique insights into consumer behavior and just how much they are worth for each product category we cover. Steps in this process are:

Creation of unifying frameworks

  • Standardized definitions across all data parameters
  • Creation of a defined consumer trends framework
  • Output specifications to ensure integration of results

For the leading 10 countries we use consumer surveys to deliver deep insight into consumer behaviors and trends

  • Large scale, international, online consumer survey program
  • Strict quotas ensure nationally representative results by age and gender
  • Statistical weighting to national population profiles further improves results

For all countries we have independent industry research

  • Independent desk research and industry interviews to validate market sizes
  • Provides both inputs into data modeling and market sizing cross-checks

Integration of consumer and industry research - data management and modeling

  • SQL-controlled data management
  • Top-down market sizing cross-checks against independent industry research

In addition for consumer survey data we conduct:

  • 'Bottom-up' data modeling using individual respondent results and input benchmarks
  • Cross-checks against industry research to ensure robustness of final market sizing

SQL-based data analysis and reporting

  • Custom SQL engine processes and models all data inputs to provide final numbers
  • Reporting services used to control data creation and outputs
  • Outputs provided in both reports and in powerful data access tools”

Consumer Surveys – Custom Solutions

Canadean’s primary research team draws on highly segmented B2C and B2B panels, to provide tailored quantitative and qualitative research solutions for our clients. We operate the longest established and most heavily profiled consumer panels in the UK.

In addition, with reach across 4 million consumers across 40 countries, we are experts in securing critical insights from hard to reach consumer and B2B segments, building custom panels and ensuring that our clients have the right information to make the most robust strategic decisions.

Panelist engagement also sits at the heart of our approach. 

Canadean employs a team of dedicated Flash and DHTML scripters to ensure that respondents enjoy each survey experience, answer questions honestly and ultimately deliver insights that are in-depth and robust.

Quantitative research 

  • Access to 4 million consumers worldwide to deliver any form of quantitative research study, including U&A, NPS, brand and behavior tracking
  • CATI, on-line and mobile survey solutions enables you to reach the correct audience in the most appropriate and cost effective manner
  • Proprietary business leader panels allowing for key stakeholders to be effectively targeted

Qualitative research 

  • Fully moderated and executed online focus groups
  • Online diary studies and bulletin boards
  • In-field shopper task monitoring and video feedback
  • Building and management of online communities
  • Social media analysis and insight