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Consensus Sizing

Canadean has developed a specific methodology to counter the issues of fragmented markets and data scarcity in distribution channels such as retail and Foodservice.

Creation of consistent frameworks

We standardize all definitions and approaches across all research and analysis to allow a completely consistent approach and method to be used, creating completely comparable data across channels, geographies and products.

Extensive research

We conduct extensive desk research across our continually expanding in-house sources which are developed both by the immediate project and from others covering different parts of the value chain.

Market modeling

These techniques use inputs from the above research to update our existing in-house data, covering market sizing, distribution and forecasts.

Data triangulation

Inputs from all of the above processes are fed into a series of steps which cross-compare the data and build final data sets from the 'bottom up', which are then checked and verified using 'top-down' checks in order to ensure complete consistency across all parameters covered.

Systematic review

Finally, all data and any discrepancies must be reviewed and signed off by the senior expert analysts and management to ensure that any judgment calls and resolution of data conflicts have been thoroughly scrutinized.

Sample Data

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